We offer 5 types of advertising on our site

1st is 125x125 ads on the top right only 8 slots sold at $40 per slot a month listed on main pages with a text link in blog roll on the blog http://www.adehost.com/hb/ = 1000's of text links

2nd text links on main page only 20 slots, maximum 20 characters $15 a month per link

3rd text links on blog pages only 12 slots, maximum 20 characters $15 a month per link

4th we offer text links inside blog post for your specific kkeywords these are called inlinks and cost $5 per month

5th Blog Post we will post a blog post that you create the cost is $10 per post and can have up to 2 links and most have some content it can not just be a sales ad can be an announcement of a new hosting plan or services ect...

to get your sites listed please contact me at Miguelmateos04 (@) aol . com please delete the () and spaces there should be no spaces

This site's visitors are from search engines direct hits and links looking for hosting deals and info/news we get a few thousand targeted unique visitors per month and rising the main page is up and down between PR 3 and 4 the blog page jumps between PR 0 and 5 usually is a pr 4 on the blog there are many pages that have there own pr with 1000's of pages in total.