Zeus Welcomes Xtraordinary Hosting

by admin on April 29, 2009

A new reseller partnership with Xtraordinary Hosting has been exposed at Zeus Technology, the sole software-based application traffic management software supplier. The Zeus Service Supplier License Agreement ( SPLA ) program is going to enable Xtraordinary Hosting to offer Zeus’ ZXTM ( Zeus Extensible Traffic Executive ) software on an once per month basis. Andrew Ogilvie, Chairman , Xtraordinary Hosting explained, ”The Zeus SPLA program offers a sector leading solution to meet the requirement for boosted application speeds, high-availability and scalability that many of our purchasers are asking for. Our clients will get advantages from a complex layer-7 load balancing solution with a cheap monthly rental and the comfort of Zeus’ robust technical pedigree”.

As more bodies host their applications online, demand is growing for service suppliers to deliver application acceleration and delivery solutions that go past the capacities of plenty of the current hardware based solutions. Paul Brennan, CEO and Manager of Zeus Technology added, ”In today’s growing and highly competitive website hosting market, we understand the significance of our service supplier buyers having the ability to add new services to their end users simply, with a flexible cost structure. We are happy to be partnering with Xtraordinary Hosting, who will be ready to provide a SPLA program that provides their clients a trustworthy, fault reasonable service while generating extra revenue”.

Zeus Technology provides software that enables businesses to form, manage and deliver outstanding web services. Starting a Zeus software solution allows affiliations to visualise and manipulate the flow of traffic to their web-enabled applications, making certain a doggedly strong web infrastructure.

Joined with the facility to employ new net services really quickly, Zeus will help give the competitive advantage your business desires.

As the sole software application traffic management solution available, the Zeus products are flexible whatever your deployment environment ; physical, virtual or cloud. Zeus holds strategic partnerships with world-class firms like AMD, Dell, Egenera, HP, IBM, Intel, Joyent, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Qualcomm and VMware.

Set up in 2001 with a mission to improve service standards for SME patrons in the United Kingdom hosting industry the company operates its own multi-homed network ( AS30827 ), an affiliate of LINX and direct connections to Tier-1 networks. The company is a cutting edge early adopter in niche technology areas to help clients gain and keep competitive advantage. At Xtraordinary Hosting trustworthiness springs from severe analysis of providers : bandwidth, datacentres, network equipment, servers, software and infrastructure.


To learn more about the Zeus SPLA program, please visit: www.zeus.com/spla.

For more information about Zeus Technology, please visit: www.zeus.com.

To learn more about Xtraordinary Hosting, please visit: www.xtrahost.co.uk.

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