Secure Web Hosting Company FireHost Now Provides RioRey’s Advanced Protection

by admin on February 8, 2010

FireHost, a secure web hosting company, is that protection against Denial of Service and Distributed Denial of Service (DoS / DDoS) available to all customers as a standard part of every hosting plan insurance. The company is joining forces with RioRey, a world leader DoS / DDoS mitigation provider, to provide superior protection to all existing and future customers against one of the most devastating computer attacks a company can face.

“We fought against DDoS attacks per week and have worked closely with RioRey in training our team and increase our political attack,” said Chris Drake, CEO and founder of FireHost. “FireHost is absolutely committed to using high quality solutions to protect SMEs from cyber attacks as dangerous as DDoS, and a rock solid team of backup products.”

Dan Vertrees, senior vice president of sales and marketing RioRey, he continues, “Most hosting companies either do not offer protection against one of the most serious threats to today’s IT infrastructure, DDoS, or offer it as an update. RioRey believes the main reason behind the massive growth FireHost is their willingness to invest in getting their clients Web presence as a rule, no exceptions. With adequate defenses in place, ensuring their sites FireHost customers are always protected from attack. That’s where technology is RioRey enters ”

Providing DoS / DDoS protection is no longer an option but a necessity for most SMBs. Especially those that provide B2B SaaS applications where data is critical, and enterprises requiring maximum uptime and application availability. Although DoS / DDoS attacks are less common than typical hacks, give a painful blow, when they occur. The financial impact of a business can be devastating and long-term damage to customer relations, corporate reputation and brand image.

FireHost has implemented RioRey solution for all existing customers, offering the same high level DDoS protection for all its secure web hosting customers. DDoS RioRey offers superior protection over competition through a series of unique algorithms. This technology effectively blocking DDoS attacks at the perimeter of the network, detecting attacks and reverse the effects in seconds. RioRey helps protect thousands of websites across Asia, Europe and North America.

About FireHost, Inc.
FireHost, Inc. is a Dallas, TX-based secure web hosting company that offers enterprise hosting solutions and quality insurance for SMEs. Specializing in Web site traffic and security needs, advanced security and FireHost complete portfolio of hosting solutions to support all customers from threats to their websites, applications and other valuable data as a standard part of every hosting plan . Please visit for more

About RioRey Inc.
Headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, RioRey is a private company dedicated to providing integrated software solutions hardware only for protection against the threat of rapid expansion of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS).

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