Pentium 4 Platform with 800MHz System Bus

by admin on April 14, 2003

Last week, Intel Corp.’s flagship processor was a Pentium four running at 3.06GHz ; today, it is a Pentium four running at the fractionally slower 3.0GHz. What happened? A new chipset platform and quicker system bus — 800MHz rather than the prior 533MHz ( technically, quad-pumped 200MHz rather than 133MHz ). Using dual-channel DDR400 system memory, the Intel 875P chipset can broadcast info in the Computer up to fifty % faster than prior models, for a serious boost in overall performance. The latter works alongside Intel’s Pro / 1000CT Desktop Connection gigabit Ethernet controller to double the networking bandwidth likely with current PCI-bus-based solutions.

The 3.0GHz / 800MHz-system-bus Pentium four processor ( $417 in 1,000-unit quantities ) features the same Hyper-Threading technology as its 3.06GHz sibling for speeding up multitasking environments or multithreaded applications. The 875P chipset ( $50 without or $53 with integrated software RAID ) adds another example by incorporating twin independent DMA audio engines, permitting the user to make a PC telephone call whilst playing digital music streams.

The new chipset, which replaces the single-channel-DDR333-based i845PE and Rambus RDRAM-based i850E as Intel’s high-end desktop and entry-level workstation platform of choice, is shipping now, with the Pentium four / 3.0 chip to follow immediately, as will a more main line or cheap set of dual-channel-DDR chipsets ( the i865 or “Springdale” series ). ( Update four / fifteen / 03 : Intel has confirmed the Pentium four / 3.0C’s ship date of “shortly” is linked to a “temporary delay” after last-minute testing found a bug in what the company asserts is a little number of 800MHz-bus CPUs.

Details on the character of and work needed to mend the issue have not yet been made public.

Sellers already exclaiming i875P systems include Dell, whose Dimension 8300 desktop ( $1,689 and up ) should be available with hard disks the size of 200GB and ATI’s ultra-high-end Radeon 9800 Pro graphics accelerator, and HP, whose Workstation xw4100 ( $799 and up ) is focused at computer-aided design and engineering, digital content creation, geographic info system, and finance consumers.

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