Hosting Uptime

If you are interested in finding a server or web host for your website, it can be overwhelming at first because there are so many options out there that are available to you. Regardless whether you have done a lot of research so far or not, you may not even know where to start. One of the most important things to consider that many individuals are not aware of is hosting uptime. The concept behind hosting uptime is relatively simple and is extremely important, particularly if you plan to use your site for business or other important purposes.

To start, hosting uptime is the amount of time a web server of host guarantees that your website will be online and accessible to the public. It is important that your website is available to the public at all times. It takes only a simple error page to lose business. If a large business or company’s site is not up and running for even a small amount of time, such as two minutes, they could lose millions of dollars simply like that. It is obvious that choosing a server with a great uptime percentage is important.

There are three types of hosting uptime that you need to be aware of. Two of these three are not necessarily bad and are to be expected. Planned downtime is what it is: planned. Planned downtime refers to upgrades, reboots and so forth; planned downtime is actually beneficial to you in the long run. Often times, web host are good about letting you know when this downtime will occur.

Somewhat planned downtime is another downtime that is to be expected. Hosting uptime can lead to unexpected incidents, such as the server having to go offline to fix an error. Web hosts use somewhat planned downtime to take care of bugs, install patches and fix whatever issues are occurring. Usually, again, web servers will let you know about this.

The last type of hosting uptime is the type of downtime you want to avoid. It is unplanned downtime. Unplanned downtime is a big reason to avoid a particular host or server. Generally, unplanned downtime occurs because the host or server does not have enough space for all their hosts and sites. This occurs unexpectedly and can cause you major damage.

A server’s hosting uptime is an important aspect in determining whether a server is reliable or not. Too much unplanned downtime will make you question the server and its professionalism. If you find you are using a server that has a lot of unexpected downtime you will want to move on to a server with a much better hosting uptime percentage.

Make sure you do your own research when it comes to hosting uptime. You can easily search for a server’s uptime percentage. A good uptime percentage is 99.9. A low hosting uptime score should send you the other way.

Remember, hosting uptime plays a vital role in the success of your website. If you have an unreliable server you will suffer.

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