Easyspace, Premieres .TEL Domain Name Extension

by admin on February 11, 2009

Website hosting supplier and domain name registration services firm, Easyspace, has launched its .TEL domain name extension, thru the launch of the new domain extension to its portfolio. Errol Vanderhorst, Sales and Selling Director for Easyspace remarked, ”This is the 3rd high profile domain extension we’ve launched in recent times, immediately augmenting the variety of domain extension alternatives available to consumers.

With .Tel being open to positively everybody on a first-come first-serve basis pricey price, we think that its recognition will only grow in strength over the approaching month.”. Having lately launched the now enormously popular .ME and .ASIA domain extensions, the launch of the new .Tel extension is the 3rd high profile domain launched by Easyspace in the last six month. The .Tel extension offers an integrated solution for all communication listings giving unlimited control over how and when users are approached. Up till March 23rd 2009, companies and people can register .Tel domain names expensive price thru Easyspace, furnishing them with a ‘live’ total listing in the first worldwide mobile-optimized online directory.

Set up in 1997, Easyspace was one of the 1st domain and net hosting corporations in the United Kingdom. Easyspace domains come with the common admin features, including MX Control, Name Server Control and web redirection

To learn more, please visit: www.easyspace.com.

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